Father of the nation gave birth to a child, ADI was named with its ANADI style! (timeless) Fabric of the nation with the cotton of the place(nation building) Spinning with the famous, psalm of ‘SWADESH’ (of the place) Thought give rise to the rhythm of SPIN (Charkha), (rhythm-tool) Experience the truth with the pillars of discipline! (order-truth-structure)

Birth-life-death is a cycle of the nature (life cycle), Thought is a process, eternal in past & future! (thought-eternal) Peace is message, gifted by the nation (earthy colours, nature horizontality), Lies in the heart & soul of this habitation! Soul of India- agriculture & peace (peace-culture), Isn’t it true essence of culture & rural device!(agriculture-rural) It happens only in India with its rural base, Country tile makes it alive, with the rhythmic bays! (vernacular) Sitting with folded legs on a mud faced floor, A divine experience to the mind-body together! (relaxation) Colour of wall-floor (feel of material), closer to nature (mud/cow dung)

Merger is smoother, puzzling start & closure! (corners) Use my nature for your desire & respiration (health), Rural India knows, how to go for ornamentation! (motif) Colours & shades play a life & calm (trees-shadow-foliage), Seasons give harmony through dusk & dawn! (songs of birds) Symmetry in one dimension is a law of nature, Asymmetry other side is mobility to creature, Gravity holds it longer, with horizontal nature( Y co-ordinate)

Ashramway tells that nature is the best teacher! Outside space ask, Where do we meet? One step up & veranda isn’t it? Breeze in the veranda says, I am cooler than you! Please come inside, comfort is what? I tell you! How do I come dear, your openings are small! Listen dear this place is open to all! Choose any direction, Choose any path, why worry dear you won’t get trapped(cross ventilation) But don’t cross the limits else roof will watch (ventury effect), Pigeon hole is ready for ventury hijack! Won’t it be homage to the Architect of the nation, Timeless way reflection through thought & vision? (Philosophy of school Based on sustainability)